1. How long does V3 hair extensions last?
Answer: 6 Months - 1 year with proper care.

2. How many bundles will i need?
Answer: 2 or more for proper styling. Any length over 18" I'd suggest 3 bundles. (Each bundle weighs 100 grams) 

3. Can this hair be dyed?
Answer: Yes it can! However, keep in mind when you are chemically processing the hair, it should be done by a professional. It also shortens the life span of the hair.

4. Does this hair come in #1?(jet black).

Answer: Unfortunately it doesn't. V3 hair provides top quality Brazilian Virgin Hair. Which means it comes in a natural color, in which it could be altered. (preferably by a professional)


5. What are the lengths V3 carry?

Answer: V3 offers 12"-26" . Any length longer than a 26" can be ordered upon request. For any other questions or inquires contact V3virginhair@yahoo.com

 6. What size wig should I order?

Answer: All "ready to wear wigs" are one size fits all. their made with adjustable bands. When ordering custom units, they go by small (21"), medium (22"), and large (23")