Care instructions

I.  Pre-installation 
At V3 we are committed to ensuring that every customer is satisfied.  Full satisfaction of our extensions can be achieved by the following hair tips.
First and foremost, co-wash (conditioner only) your extensions before installation. Hold your hair and rinse thoroughly in a vertical direction. Use long strokes ( do not massage) 
II.  Maintenance
Use sulfate free shampoo. Do not massage. The hair will tangle. Rinse thoroughly.
Apply conditioner and comb through hair using a wide tooth comb starting with the ends and working your way up towards the scalp/weft. Let sit for 5-10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
Let air dry or blow dry on a medium temperature. (never blow dry curly or wavy hair unless you plan on wearing it straight.
Do not apply heavy oil to the hair. Light serums are highly suggested if any.
III.  Daily
Use paddle brush or wide tooth comb to style. Always start at the ends working your way up.
Use styling aids, such as mousse, gel, sprits, holding spray etc., in moderation. Preferably alcohol free products.
For curly hair; wetting it daily isn't a problem, however don't over use the chemicals. You may fill up a spray bottle with a generous amount of conditioner or cantu curl defining cream to help define the curl and maintain moisture. Don't exceed doing so more than 3-5 times weekly.
IV. Sleeping
Be sure to brush into one direction or wrap your hair and apply your silk bonnet on your way to bed.
You may also braid it in 1-4 braids to maintain your wave or curl pattern.
Flexi rods are also a good way to maintain style while sleeping.
V. Product recommendations
Any products that are human hair keratin based and sulfate free are required for our extensions.
Use alcohol free products.
Brazilian keratin Therapy by Organyx, Suave Moroccan infusion, Tressemé
Keratin Smooth...These are suggested shampoos and conditioners that won't dry the hair out. Cantu' sulfate free shampoo, curl defining creme , and conditioners are ideal for all curly textures.
VI.  Miscellaneous Tips
Although this is 100% virgin human hair, it is not receiving its nutrients from the body/scalp like your own real hair.  Heat, sulfates, and products that contain alcohol are your worst enemy. The more you use, the shorter the life span of the hair.
Steamrollers and flexi rods are good for keeping massive amounts of heat out of your hair.
When perming, bleaching, and tinting the hair, you are doing so at your own risk. Hair can be chemically altered under the consent of a professional. Always do a test strand first.
Always remember when the hair is chemically altered, it shortens the life span of the extensions.